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Default Question on programming


In looking at the olympic-based WODs both here and at Mike's gym...there seems to be little pressing work. Several times a week there are squat variation, typically front and back...but very rarely is there dedicated press work (ohp, push-press, push-jerk, perhaps even bench though I guess that would be unusual).

That said, the strength cycles on this site seem to have a fair amount of pressing work...but it mostly goes away with the bulgarian work.

Does this mean that the volume of jerking is sufficient to increase (or at least maintain) the pressing strength? I would assume so??

I didn't look very far back into Coach B's WODs, so I'm not sure if how much he incorporates it.

But my impression is that there is quite a lot of squatting but little press work.

Can someone provide insight on why this is (perhaps the strength involved in the jerk is rarely the limiting factor??)?


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