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Originally Posted by Patrick Poblocki View Post
Mike OD mentioned that as long as the meal is not a carb bomb, the insulin response shouldn't be dramatic; however, I usually only get that type of response if I eat a lot of, is that result merely a response to the gargantuan size of the meal?
I said (or tried to imply) that it shouldn't be AS dramatic....but large meals will generate higher insulin than a smaller meal if based mostly of protein. Also large meals will probably shift your body into a more PNS CNS response which means putting more blood flow into digestion and not staying it's not a priority. Just makes sense the body is not designed to want to be active/alert after eating a large meal. While I can easily eat 6 eggs and 1/2lb of bacon and still be alert....doesn't mean there isn't a limit, as the last time I ate at an all you can eat ribs place I was napping on the couch an hour I probably ate 2lbs of ribs. Hence....trying to eat one large meal and still function is probably not viable....unless it is at night and you have nothing to do but rest and go to sleep.
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