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Agreed with Ben.

The goal is to increase the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. To that end, all programs for competitive weightlifters have that in mind.

I don't consider myself a competitive weightlifter, even though I will do one OLY meet a year with my daughters. They will do 3 to 4, but I will only do 1. I have my sport and I use the olympic lifts as part of my training to increase my speed and athleticism (in addition to my sport specific movements, GPP, etc).

That said, I find that I do some form of squat, some form of pull, and some form of overhead up to 4 days a week off season and three days a week in season (on non competitive weeks - on competitive weeks, only two weight training sessions are had).

My weight training sessions begin with dynamic movements (squat snatch, squat clean, or squat clean and jerk). Then progress to movements that support those dynamic movement (Behind the Neck Overhead press, push press, and muscle cleans and push press). Then progress to dynamic supportive movements (snatch pulls, clean pulls, and RDLs). Then progess to strength supportive movements (Overhead squats, front squats, and back squats). Then progress to general strength supportive movements (deadlifts, kettlebell presses, and dead stop overhead or front squats). All my weight training sessions end with some form of ab movement.

The programming is waved on percentages. My macro cycles last between 10 and 12 weeks.

hope that helps? don't know if it answers your question or not?

All the best,
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