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Thanks for the kind words. I'm getting closer to getting that Werksan bar by the day.

To answer your question, the over goal in the weightlifting routines is to increase the snatch and clean and jerk. You do that by cyling or waving the percentages used from week to week (for example 70% week 1, 75% week 2, 65% week 3, 80% week 4, etc.). As the percentage of weight moves up, the number of repetitions per set goes down. The total number of repetitions per week also vary depending upon the workload.

With that said, that percentage of weight moved also applies to the squat and other movements in the program. So not only are you cycling the weights in the C&J and snatch, but you're also doing it with the secondary, tertiary, and other movements.

It's all part of a program geared toward getting stronger. Not only in the desired movements. But also overall in general. If you can't front squat a weight you're trying to clean, why would you try to clean it. Same with a snatch and an overhead squat - and other such supportive movements (drop snatches, etc.).

Hope that helps?

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Originally Posted by Howard Wilcox View Post
But you don't get extra kudos for a big squat either, yet that is nearly always in there??

So, I would assume that pressing strength is rarely the weak link (pardon the pun) whereas squat, maybe?

Arden, your routine seems more like what I would expect and because of that is why I asked the question.

As an aside, I've read several of your posts about your daughters lifting. I love it and hope my girls move in that direction as they get older too (8, 7, 5). In some ways I fear they day they ask for a Werksan bar...but in reality you wouldn't be able to remove the smile from my face in such a situation.


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