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you're essentially following a typical bodybuilding program right now. if your goal is strength, i would advise against it. if your goal is to lean out, i would advise against it. if your goal is to appear inconspicuous in the gym by doing bicep curls instead of handstand pushups, then that is the only time i'd advise such a program.

the problem with your regimen right now is that you're isolating bodyparts. our bodies weren't designed to be used in this way. rather than trying to isolate muscles, try to perform skills.

think of it this way:
-a pullup is a motion from which you hang from a bar, and starting from a full arm extension, you bring your chin/chest to the bar.
-a pullup is not a method to burn your lats.

a bicep curl is not a complicated skill, if it's really a skill at all. many people can figure out how to pull their hand towards their shoulder with some added resistance in a very short amount of time. it would probably take that person a hell of a lot longer to figure out how to do an iron cross or a snatch landing in rock a rock bottom squat.

here's the PEMDAS (order of operations):
1. eat real, good quality food
2. get good sleep (this could be #1)
3. reduce life stress
4. keep your joints fluid and flexible
5. condition your body
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