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Default Pulse rate clue to heart attacks.

This might be something that personal trainers need to consider when screening new clients.

They assessed women over the age of 50 and enrolled in the Women's Health Initiative who were involved in four randomised trials and an observational study from 1993 to 1998.

They followed them up for about seven years and found that the women suffered 2,281 fatal or non-fatal heart attacks and 1,877 strokes.

Women with the fastest resting heart rates of more than 76 beats per minute were 1.6 times as likely to suffer a coronary event compared with those with the lowest resting heart rates below 62 beats per minute.

And the relationship was stronger in the younger postmenopausal women.

Weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and consumption of saturated fats were all higher in the women with the highest heart rates as were the incidence of diabetes, smoking, and depression.

The women with the lowest resting heart rates were more active but also drank more alcohol than the others.
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