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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
A machine leg curl is extremely different, neuromuscular patterning-wise, than a GHR. Being strong at one does not make someone strong at the other one (but I'd guess that strength in a GHR transfers a heck of a lot better to a machine leg curl than the other way around).

Also, if you watch the video from Coach Sommer above, his GHR is a compound movement that incorporates a back extension as well. Far thing from a leg curl.

The movement of a low-bar BS and a DL may look similar (minus the bar placement), but their neurological patterning is very different as well.

About the GHD sit-up, the need to consciously "kick" the legs straight to return to the upright position always seemed contrived to me. Yes it works, but my thought is, shouldn't the well-trained athletic person do it naturally? I've never seen anyone do it right their first rep without coaching.
To play devils advocate on the thing you said last, I don't know many people that were able to just hop onto a GHR and knock out reps correctly?
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