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Originally Posted by Joshua adara View Post
Hello i want to try intermittent fasting for weight loss. Right now i take medication for A.D.D. that completely kills my appetite so i figured intermittent fasting would be a good choice. but anyhow i wanted to know if implementing a low carbohydrate diet along with intermittent fasting would provide faster weight loss than say either by themselves.
Post your numbers and your goals first.

Search the nutrition forum for fat adaptation.

Read the "popular articles" on MOD's blog:

I say this because we need more background. The more people I talk to about nutrition, the more I realize that people have very different ideas of what constitutes low carb diets. Are you talking low total carbs, low high-GI carbs, no grains? The Zone is considered low-carb (by American standards), but it's a bit high for my tastes. You need to understand these things before you implement them.

How long have you been taking your meds? The appetite supressing effect of ritalin or adderall usually wears off after a few months. It stays with some people much longer. Regardless, that's not a reason to IF. Once you adjust, the fat adaptation and increased insulin sensitivity take care of your appetite for you.

Here is a simplistic way of looking at things:
* protein supports muscles mass (consume enough protein to support the mass that you want to carry)
* carbs support activity
* fat supports recovery
Adjust accordingly. Things don't work exactly like this, but this will get you started. It's a lifestyle. You don't need any special cycles or supplements to jump start this.

Start IFing 14-16 hours a couple days a week. Take fruits and proteins PWO. For everything else, take protein+fat or protein+fat+greens. That's really it.

To answer your original question...of course.
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