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Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
I see what you're trying but keep in mind that the ankle extension you're using here is different from the ankle extension you'd see in a normal lift. It normally occurs with weight over the heels (dynamically), but you're coming up and forward onto your ankles. Your COG should stay over the heels, so you're actually changing the mechanics of the lift, causing more significant problems in the future.

Besides that, the snatch balances looked good. Try for full depth on the squat, though.
Derek, thanks for responding again. You appear to be one of my regulars with good insight as usual!!

Lot's of random thoughts to follow...

I think I understand what you are saying about ankle extension but I also believe you are thinking in terms of that I am doing the ankle extension in order to somehow mimic or practice that which occurs in an actual snatch or C&J which I don't think is the case.

I believe my coach was having me initiate the movement with ankle extension simply as a means to create a slight separation from the bar in order to drop into the snatch recieving position, as opposed, to the more dramatic dip and go that is shown on the demo vids (i.e. like a mini-jerk or "heave" as Emily described). So like emily was saying, it is kind of an cross between the two (i.e. a middle progression) of simply dropping into a recieving position and doing the heaving version.

So with that in mind, do you still think I am looking at problems in the future? If so, do you think Greg Everett's method of Snatch balance with the mini-jerk to create separation is better or should I go with Emily's suggestion of simply dropping into a recieving position.

I am thinking for this particular routine, Power Snatch + Snatch Balance + MH Snatch, I would opt for the dipping or heaving snatch balance so that I can use a weight that is still challenging for the power snatch and hang snatch. I will probably have to use lighter weight if I was simply going to drop into a recieving position.
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