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Default Snatch Balance Terminologies

OK, I did some more research on CA exercises and Demos. Here are the snatch balance variations according to Mr. Everett.

Snatch balance - according to the video description, this is as Emily described, simply holding the bar racked on your back with snatch grip and dropping into a recieving position. But the demo vid and Mr. Everett's book both say to initiate this with a slight dip and drive, followed by the foot transition.

Heaving Snatch balance - here there is apparently no foot transition. you start and end with feet in recieving position. This exercise is still initiated by the dip and drive under the bar but your feet never leave the ground.

Pressing snatch balance - This is the same as the heaving snatch but without the dip drive to initiate the movement. So feet in receiving position and no foot transition and you simply press under the bar.
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