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Originally Posted by Brian DeGennaro View Post
A snatch balance is simply popping the bar off the shoulder just to unload it and drop under it as fast as possible in an attempt to catch it at arms length in the bottom of a squat.
"Unload" was the term I was going for. I think the ankle extension method with locked knees and hips was a way of "unloading" the weight without risk of cheating too much by using knees or hips. Next week when I do this routine I think I will try Greg Everett's method of unloading the bar, which is the slight dip in the knees to "unload" the weight. I will have to be very mindful not to make the movement into a "jerk".

I also think there is no ankle extension at all in the way Everett shows it done. The feet stay planted firmly on the ground with slight up down movement to "unload" the bar followed by the drop into the recieving position.

Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
For the mid hang snatch portion when I was down at Leo's place in November he had us doing it a different way for hang snatches.

Instead of holding the mid hang position for a few seconds, we would go from the top and only go to the mid hang position quickly before reversing it. I'm not sure it makes as much sense written down as it did when he showed me.
I showed the video to my coach and he said the same thing, that I should not pause on my mid-hang snatches. He said it should be a crisp change of direction.
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