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Less sugar in general (even fruit sugar). Gorging yourself on anything when you are sick pulls resources to digest that could be used for the immune system.

Gargling with some tepid water with sea salt (just a bit) might help. A gargle with hydrogen peroxide may help as well. Either of those can help with the sore throat. Article on the topic by Dr. Ben Kim:

I always keep some of this stuff around for sore throats and cough:

Also, this is likely available at your local health food store:

The syrup mixed with the tea would make for a nice combo.

I'd also suggest skipping heavy training or metcon, and if you live somewhere where you can, go outside for a nice relaxing walk. Maybe some stretching afterwards. Lots of time resting (really resting).

If you have significant trouble swallowing or breathing, get yourself in to the doctor.
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