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It is not the purpose of this section of the Sportivny Press web site to endorse, sell, or purposely trash any person, book, article, or a specific genre of the weightlifting or strength training literature. Our purpose is to offer a reasonably objective opinion.
I read all the reviews, I don't buy the above statement one bit.

The sample strength programs offered in the book for certification combine powerlifting and weightlifting movements. The biomechanics of the deadlift, for instance, biomechanically has little in common with the weightlifting movements of the snatch and clean and jerk; there is a definite risk of negative transfer of habits to these exercises.

In point of fact the strongest man in the world is the winner of the gold medal in the super heavyweight class at the summer Olympics.
Yet that same person I will wager isn't the world record holder in a good number of other strength events, including other strength events held outside of the Olympics. The Olympics are not the defining event for any event competition, they are defining event for country versus country competition.

Yadda...yadda...yadda....this crap goes on and on into opinion....
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