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Originally Posted by Anton Emery View Post
I guess I'll just have to make some time in the near future to learn the O-lifts then.

wait so what are your workouts mostly comprised of? i'm just coming back to OL after taking a break to focus on gymnastics stuff. i feel that you can only work on your metcon for oh so long until you really need to develop the skills and strength associated with the complicated lifts. for example, my burpees go a lot faster now that i've worked on a lot of planches.

maybe i'm just still biased towards the crossfit pyramid, but after you've developed your cardiac output to a reasonable capacity, it would seem that, unless your focus is gymnastics, that OL would be the next most crucial element. either that or some other momentum based weight movement like throwing.

i find that i generally get enough metcon training out of rolling alone. if i wanna metcon throughout the week, >2 sessions a week (ones like cindy or barbara) will start tearing me up unless i drop all other exercises (static holds, etc.). i find that skill work is more important than an over-emphasis on metcons. thus with a decent intensity in your rolling sessions, the main requirement of workouts is to solely build strength. thus gymnastics and OL are 2 of the best things to learn.

i'd only consider excess metcons if i absolutely had to make weight. but for the most part you can just add extra steady state walks or something and keep workouts for skill building and BJJ for cardiac development.

in terms of transfer between OL and BJJ, i feel that landing in a full squat, whether during a clean or snatch, is very beneficial. because you are controlling and balancing the weight while in a tight ball with your ass to the floor, it really helps develop body tension for passing. while passing, you're trying to manipulate the guy's hips/spine without over-extending your own body. thus the ability to maintain a ball while still controlling an external force is helpful.

i don't like to think as much about doubles with it b/c i suck at doubles (ok at singles), but for me personally i feel that whether or not the double is there is based on the guy's stance/reactions/etc. i try not to fight another guy's strength especially in that situation cause i feel that stubbornly taking a double after a guy has hit a nice sprawl is just about the most tiring thing in the world. fuck that. i wanna be lazy.

i'm not disagreeing with the notion that OL helps shots. it definately does. i just feel that i've gained the most benefit in passing.
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