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"Solid meal day" (more like a reasonable cheat). Ate couple burgers w/buns and mustard and three or four sausages at Superbowl BBQ (quite good). One beer. Shake for breakfast and one later.



Rest. Not sure if Hot Rox are starting to make me insane. (Edgy, antsy, possibly contributing to facial twitch.)


Coming to terms with the fact that my lifts are not/should not probably be increasing during V-Diet. Will focus on maintaining instead, hammer down form (esp. with these newer lifts like rows, high-bar squats, etc.).


Tabata calf raises squeezed into end of workout; no timer, about 4 rounds, no shoes.


BS (high bar)
95 solid. feeling knees a bit but not bad. they're staying out. per oliver, tightening midline/abs more, belly button in. leaning back helps a bit.
135 damn... left knee realllly wants to dive just a bit.
155 huh. getting loosey. almost no knee dive though.
175 feels heavy, and slightly loose. but, feeling basically real solid.
195x5 9.8 not too bad. some knee dive in a couple of the reps. significant hip shoot on 5th. this is probably a good weight to stay with.
195x5 9.89 some knee dive, significant butt shooting, still not TOO loose.
195x5 9.93 loose. usual stuff. but, no pain anywhere. inner quads (adductors) look big! guess that's good.

these have been pretty slow and lazy, lounging around between sets
95x5 right anterior pec/delt (point of shoulder) feeling tweaked. hmm.
95x5 last rep semihard.
95x5 slower, but fine.
All with fat bar; got forced into it (damned West people were doing Linda here), then just stuck with it, why not. All felt really solid (guess it's not heavy). pretty much just screwing around, trying to keep up variety with the press and just get something done.

Bent row
145x5 heavy... no real hip movement though, so a much stricter movement
185x5 9.3 hard to get it all the way.
185x5 9.9 quite a bit more kip
165x5 9.8 hard pulling (feeling arms)
Still with fat bar. Only now am I realizing that you pull these to your stomach not chest, that makes more sense... 185 very hard, initial 9.3 seems wrong. Feeling the deadlift muscles, some lumbar tightness (no pain).


Usual business. Foam rolled a little at home (not too tight!).


Rest. Didn't stretch or roll, ITBs do feel tight. Up to 2x2 Hot Rox at this point.


Looks like some abs are alllmost starting to peek out. Still some love handles and chest looks little. Ah well. Nobody's as big as they think. Nice waist-to-hip flare though.

Only 1 Hot Rox dose (scheduling, but also just cause).

Finally looked through some of the stuff in Greg's Oly book, as well as my own cue notes (which I never remember to do) made note of a bunch of stuff, will try to Do Things Right and hammer out clean and jerk form. Clean needs polishing and jerk, well, fuck that jerk.

Main points: flare toes slightly in start; flare knees a bit more; slightly wider grip; bar starts over base of toes; look forward but not up; hold visual reference point; rotate elbows out; elbows HIGH AND OUTSIDE; reset grip. Jerk: try wider stance with toes more flared, feeling it more like a squat; chest UP; proper rack (shoulders under but elbows not fully up); slide head back; dip less; weight on heels. (Tried a bunch of things with jerk throughout sets and kept fiddling due to feel and video feedback.)

Pretty good. Resisted urge to go too heavy and raised weight slower, getting mucho vids and trying to correct as I went. Tired (diet) but not egregiously slow; went slow.


warmup/drill with stick then bar.
95x3. trying to be perfect with each (more like singles actually). vid. for third rep. good!
115x1 clean a bit forward
115x1 vid. better.
145x1 felt a bit of the slide on the dip.
145x1 vid. hit the throat with bar (on the UP, oddly). slight slide on dip. but pretty solid.
155x1 pretty good!
155x1 f. with vid. very weird; all went okay, but jerked it a bit forward, had some sort of LATERAL wobble, didn't want to chase it off the platform, just dumped it. okaaaay.
155x1 fine. decent clean, dip was ehh, weight was a tad forward on jerk.
165x1 I notice that focusing on the high/outside elbows (to keep weight from catching forward) seems to deemphasize the jump; it's not going very high at all and the jump's pretty weak on videos. jerk felt a bit odd; dipped fairly shallow (good) and didn't seem to push it very high, but got under it with quick feet. thinking about weight back (actually flexing toes up on some)
165x1 vid. no real high/outside elbows. jerk odd again; feels like front leg barely moving into lunge.
165x1 bad clean... but jerk felt quite good. felt like a shallow-dip jerk with toes up, so got under more with catch than drive (theme of last three, but this somehow felt more appropriate).

Pretty much done, need to get to class. Threw in some finishers:

165lb deadliftsx6.

165x1 C&J just to get it up. although frankly it FELT like a good jerk, solid catch, despite a deep dip due to not worrying about it (wish I'd videoed). anyway, held overhead for time, about ~20s. ouch mein shoulders.

25 pushups.

Body feeling good although feeling knees just a tad after that last rep.


None, had to boogey to class. Stretched a little in lecture. Feeling good.
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