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Originally Posted by Patrick Yeung View Post
I had never even seen a rounded back deadlift until I saw that video of Konstantin Konstantinov.

What are the advantages/differences between the two? And, why straight leg?

Im guessing that straight leg uses a lot more hamstrings, and in general dosent lift as much weight. And, rounded back vs straight being a preference? It looks like the track the bar takes is different though.
very few big deadlifts have been done without some amount of upper back rounding but a true round back allows you to initially round quite a bit more than just a saggy upper back and curl down to the uses the initially shorter range of motion to get the bar through the sticking point and relies on back strength rather than squatting strength. big time posterior chain and upper back.

it's pretty specific to body type. long arms long legs and really strong short back give you good leverage for a rounded DL. more neutral proportions give you a DL that looks more like how you've probably been taught.

round back lifting is the way people actually lift big objects but it requires a lot of back and abdominal strength, flat back allows you to lift a bar efficiently but nothing about big Deads is efficient, it's all about torque and grind.

as for rounded versus flat back for SLDL i say do both.
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