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Something you've done, George?

Here's the vids: all but one or two reps. First and last (lightest and heaviest) are frankly probably the best; you can see some inconsistency in the others.


-- Gaze is better but I guess I'm still tossing the head back at the end of the first pull. Also: never really thought about it, but why am I throwing my head back on the jerk? Keeping it level may really help.

-- Jerk still problematic. You can see me actually falling backward slightly on a number of reps as I try to keep my weight on my heels in dip-drive; clearly this is not quite the way to go (and useless anyway as I end up on the toes as I drive regardless). Still, things look better than before.

-- Next time will try to focus on jamming my head/chest forward under the jerk. Maybe it's really more that than the drive.

-- First pull looks super sexy with the new tweaks. Thanks Greg.

-- Second pull looks pretty good although weaker and in a few cases inconsistent, presumably due to the attention I'm paying to my elbows

-- Third pull is a bit odd in some places, catching weight just slightly forward or otherwise inconsistent, but not too bad.
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