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Originally Posted by Robbie Bremner View Post
Research has recently been carried out on variations of deadlifts on hamstring muscle activation. SLDL was shown to be the best. If you relating the lifts to Snatch and CJ then posture control is critical, therefore SLDL would be more beneficial. Variation can be added with clean grip and snatch grip SLDL.
If your training is not as specific then use both lifts for variation.
What program are you using these lifts in?
I don't have a specific program, and the only Oly lifts I do are power versions with dumbbells. Everything I am doing goes toward grappling with an eye on health and longevity, not being the next world champion. Specifically, this is a return to an old thread I started: . My left knee is killing most of the time now that I am doing a lot of grappling getting ready for a competition in March. So much time on my knees (insert joke here) and/or squatting down bugs my knees, so i don't like to work them more than I must for GPP.
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