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Default 1700 calories (too low?!) and 22 protein blocks

I follow the zone/paleo pretty religiously with the occasional binge on the weekend. I've been experimenting with IF (Intermittent Fasting), usually anywhere from 15-17 hours...eating in a 11-6pm window. I'm 5'11, and about 175-180 depending on the day, lol. So probably somewhere between 10-12% BF, just beginning to see the bottom of my abs, but not enough to say I'm ripped. Performance matters to me, especially as I'm going to try out for the southern cali qualifiers in April. I know 1700 calories is low, but I've been at a higher protein block (sometimes around 20-23) my carbs down below 12 blocks (80-110ish g) all fruits and vegetables, usually lower...yesterday I had a metcon that killed me so I had a sweet potato! AWESOME, and my fat blocks are anywhere from 3-5x (60-80g fat).

Thoughts on caloric intake and higher protein (g/lb of body weight)...I want performance results, but getting ripped is nice too. Below is what an average day of eating would look for me.

Break IF fast with: 1/2 cup blueberries, a couple strawberries, 2 whole omega 3 eggs, and 4 egg whites (sauted vegetables ((mushrooms, bell peppers, and onion)) with some sprouted seeds and salsa on top.

Probably have a few almonds and fruit (usually fugi apples) for a snack

Big Salad (Raw Spinach or baby romaine) with 6-8oz chicken or salmon, black olives, onions, and olive oil, some other veges (lots of broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, and spinach in my fridge!)

dinner would be a mix of grilled veges, some sort of protein source, carrots, hummus, and olive oil

Cook all my dishes in extra virgin coconut tons of vegetables...
Supplements: cod liver oil, BCAA, glutamine, 1 g of creatine, enzymes and probiotics.

Thanks for the feedback!!
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