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I promised more videos and here is Jr's next meet.

This was a USAG meet and the judging was tighter than the AAU meet. Jr did good all around he just wasn't as tight on his form. A couple of things worth noting, he did two pull ups on the ring (optional), he did significantly better on the pommel horse, he almost made the press on the p-bars but ended up kicking in and his swings on p-bars were a lot higher this time in fact so much so that he rolled his landing from the momentum.

He placed in his age group in 3 events and ended up 8th overall. He also qualified for state and the team took 3rd place which beat their arch rivals.

After the last meet they started working on their skills development for their level 5 routines. I am pretty stoked because one of the skills is a muscle up. We have watched several videos and are going to start practicing this week. I don't have my muscle up yet so it gives me a great reason to focus on it.
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