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opinions vary on protein. i'm still formulating my own opinion on my intake. i'm finding it to be quite personal for different people.

i can generally maintain my weight at 3600 Cal/day (semi-estimate). i guess i'm pretty active compared to others. when i zoned, i feel that i kinda messed myself up by taking in way too low calories. i followed robb's suggestions for protein for a while. even with a huge fat intake (~250g), i still had bad carb cravings. i upped the protein quite a bit (i'm not measuring now, but i guess about 2.5-3 lbs meat a day based on hunger. this may be approaching protein gluttony sector, but i figure if i wanna know what it's like on my body to eat that much, i gotta try it). i was able to reduce fat intake quite a bit since hunger dissipated. after a few weeks though, i started to get carb cravings again. i'm just starting a carb cycling program, so i'm not sure how this will affect my protein intake. i'd like to lower it again, just cause i feel weird eating that much protein.

i'm wondering if i can come back down to robb's number on protein if i apply the carb cycling approach correctly. i noticed that my cravings for meat intensely dissipate the second i start eating carbs.

so many factors. so confusing. just gotta keep experimenting and playing. keep having fun with this. it's easier to know what to eat by seeing how altering each factor affects you.
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