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Daniel Mays
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Hey guys!!

Great tips by all. Even though I haven't run in about 6 months(more than 1 mile) I hammered through 4 miles and twelve dough nuts in around 42:00 unofficial timing. I was pretty boss on the eating, they were stale dough nuts so don't feel bad that I mashed them down and sloshed them in water. 1 minute of feeling them coming up after the 11th and 12th but one burp and one foot in front of the other and I was off. After the 10th it was kind of like the Fran mentality, resting now will only prolong it and won't even make you feel better, so mind as well finish it out.

Fun race for everyone and I believe over $50,000 raised for cancer so that's great! Thanks for all the training tips, and I'm back to Clean and Jerks, Fuck Running(but I love eating) !

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