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Default my last medical check up: high cholesterol, high creatinine, low B12

I just went in to get my first medical check up in recent memory. I didn't get the actual report, but my doc says that I have high cholesterol, high creatinine, low B12. This is a very similar profile to what my dad has.

Doc's recommendations were to eat less eggs, eat less red meat, eat less dairy, eat less fried foods to lower my cholesterol.

He also suspected that my creatinine levels were due to me not getting enough fluids.

Going down item by item, here's my perspective (which of course may be completely biased).
eggs - I generally skip breakfast, but for the past two weeks I've been eating omelets more frequently, usually 4 eggs at a time.
red meat - yes, I eat a lot of meat, none of it is grassfed
dairy - I don't think I go overboard with it since I recognize that it's cheating on Paleo
fried foods - like dairy, I eat it on occasion, but usually not in large quantities and I usually don't seek it out
fluids - I thought I was I drinking sufficient amounts

So I'll be resuming my nutrition log.

My next check up will be in 3 months. If this isn't all genetics, when the next check up comes around, I want to kick its ass.

Any recommendations?
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