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Does your father currently have health problems?

What about your veggie consumption?

It looks like he also gave you the standard medical advice when it comes to "high cholesterol" which is IMO not great advice. I don't know that I would get so hung up on him telling you "high cholesterol" Can you get the report to get the actual numbers? Those are much more important.

I've had blood work done when I've been downing dozens of eggs a week and such, I know the information and research is out there to say that dietary cholesterol does not raise blood cholesterol (in most people, I want to say I read something talking about some people with certain conditions react a bit differently but I can't remember at this time).

RE: Creatinine levels
According to WebMD:
Do not eat more than 8oz of meat, especially beef, or other protein for 24 hours before the blood creatinine test and during the creatinine clearance urine test.
So it's possible that you have a false positive in that regard?
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