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Originally Posted by Christian Mendoza View Post
I've also been told to not rush the first pull; I never jerked it from the ground, but I think I have tried to move faster than I currently am (until I transition to that second pull), and that seems to help some. Just gotta keep hacking away at this!
It's that added weight that I think may help with rushing through the first pull. When the weight it really light it is easy to miss the first pull. Add a little more weight and you have to get a good first pull to set up the second pull.

So like for me as an example, as I am working on my form/technique/timing with my above noted working weight, I almost am doing two separate exercises, a halting snatch deadlift followed by a mid-hang snatch. Of course, I try not to pause or anything in between and make the snatch one fluent motion as best I can. Then as the weight increases and I start working closer toward my one rep max it has to be one nice fluent motion.

Take whatever I say with a grain of salt though cause I am still a beginner at this like you. I have some snatch and C&J coaching vids a couple weeks back if you want to look.
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