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Ugh. Well I didnt fall behind on posts, I got a stomach virus last monday and didnt really recover until thursday. So I just took that week off, also lost about 8 lbs. too. But hey my colon is cleaner. Ha! yeah thats gross! Well yesterday I was still feeling a little tired plus I was at work so I switched up my schedule and did repetition upper on Monday instead of Thursday. Did dynamic legs today. Heres Mondays and todays workout.

Monster set, all supersetted
flat bb bench 145lb 3x12
incline db bench 50lbs each 3x12
flat db flys 35 3x15

monster set
lat pulldowns 1x15, 2x12
seated face pulls 3x15
inverted rows bodyweight 3x8 biceps were fried

front raises 3x15 25 lb dbs
shrugs 15,12,8 225 lbs

close grip bench 135lbs 12,8,5
alternating db curls 35lb each 12,8,5
no rest in between exercises or sets

ab roller 2x10
sprinter situps 1x20

power snatch work from ground and hang light weight 5 sets
power clean and hanging power clean mixed it up 5x5 medium weight
walking lunges length of bball court x4 rest after 2nd
weighted back extensions 15,12,7
3 rounds
row 250 meters
leg raises 15 reps
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