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Default Just starting : need advice on programming

I have just started the CA WOD after approx 1.5 yrs of Crossfit mainpage WOD. I have no real athletic background before this and no exposure to the olympic lifts. Through Crossfit I found that I really enjoy the O-lifts and I decided to devote some time to developing them. I will only be doing the CA WOD.

I recently, last weekend, competed in a local meet in Gainesville, GA. Coach CJ Stockel with Team GA Weightlifting allowed me to join his team. Anyways, I want to compete in another meet on March 7. I was looking for advice on where to start on the CA WOD cycle? I started monday at the beginning of Strength cycle 1 from December. Is this the optimal place to start? Obviously I would like to improve some on my previous meet #'s.

I snatched 75 kilos, C&J 105 kilos

I'm a 27 yoa male, BW 78kg, 5'10" tall
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