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Default IF+Zone=Hungry

I've been combining IF and the Zone, and I have some questions that may you guys can help me with. First off I love IFing, I currently do 18 (or so) hour daily fasts. I am having 3 zone portion meals in my eating window. Because I believe I am insulin resistant, I've cut carbs in half, added 3x fat for every carb cut, and Ive eaten almost completely paleo, except for my protein shake. I do 18 blocks protein, 9 carbs, and 45 fat spread over the three meals. My typical meals look like this:
5pm-6 omega 3 enriched whole eggs
4 cups broccoli
1 cup salsa
42 almonds
8pm-42 g whey protein shake, mixed with water
.5 cup blueberries blended in with protein
2 Tbs flax meal
36 cashews
11pm-9 oz ground beef (or 6 oz of chicken or turkey)
Large salad with strawberries and some dressing
40 or so nuts, either almonds or cashews or something comparable

Here's my dilemma.. I'm fucking starving in an hour after my last meal, and have to fast for 17 more hours after that. I like IFing, I don't want to stop doing it. But I'd like to stay to zone portions, because from what I've heard the zone really works. I don't particularly want to add a ton more carbs or even go to base carbs because I think that'll be hard to do being strictly paleo. The reason I'm so obsessed with zone portions is because I have about 50-70 pounds to lose to hit my target weight. I am disciplined, but the severe hunger sucks because it kicks in so early. Can anyone help me with some ideas of what to do? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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