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Well, I trained this morning, and changed my start position. If you notice in the videos, my rear is in the air before I stoop down for the first pull. I've noticed some start right off the ground with the bars against their shins. This is what I tried, and I definitely felt the bar take a different path, and everything else fell into place. At one point, I did catch a glimpse of the ceiling, and a couple times, pulling my self into the receive position, it was rocking onto toes, so I think that weight was dead on my heels where it should be. I was getting over-zealous, and tried doing 70kg, as my 6th or 7th set (after doing heavy back squats before snatches), and I was able to get it up, but sloppy; I might've been getting tired, but the doubles of 65kg felt great. I'm gonna work with this some more. I wish I had my camera this time to see the difference, because I definitely felt one.
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