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Originally Posted by Gavin Harrison View Post
I'd just buy, read, implement relax into stretch, and keep up the strength work.
I had considered that book before but it didn't get the best of reviews on Amazon. But if you recommend, maybe I will look into it again. Just looking at the contents it appears to be some form of Active Isolation stretching (AIS) where as you contract the opposite muscle that you are trying to stretch. I have the Wharton's book on AIS. I believe the Wharton's were one of the pioneers of this method of stretching.

I generally trust amazon stars. For some odd reason, I find them amazingly accurate. I usually look at two things, first how many people in total gave a rating, which is usually a good indication as to the popularity of the book, and secondly, how many 1 stars did it get. Then I usually skim over the 1 star ratings to see if they are BS or not. That book had a high amount of one stars and 3 stars. I never trust all the 5 stars ratings. I figure publishers get on their to cheerlead their books...haha.
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