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Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
Okay, I don't think I'm quite getting how these scams work. Which probably means I'm doomed...
- You post an ad on Craig's List, offering anything. I've currently got some up offering personal training and free weightlifting coaching on the weekends. Really, you could put something outrageous up, like "Cheese Skyboarding Lessons" (obviously, where you use a block of Monterey jack as your board) and you'll still get these messages.
- Someone contacts you, saying that they want your service, and sometimes they also want your trust and they hope that God blesses you and your family. They never actually say what the service is.
- You either ignore the message, or send a reply. It doesn't matter what reply you send, if you send one at all, the thing continues. I've sent messages that were just lines and lines of random copy-and-pasted vulgarities and people have still contacted me again.
- The email you again, saying they are currently out of the country, but would like to pay you in advance the form of a cashier's check, which their shipper will bring to you. It's going to be several thousand dollars too much, and they request that you send back the majority of the overflow, keeping a little bit "for your trouble."
- This is where you're either an idiot, and give the guy your address, etc. and go through with the scam. Or you're just a moron, like myself, and send them some fake info for the hell of it. Or you're just slow and finally realize that it's a scam and leave it alone.
- If you go on with the scam, you cash the check, and send back most of the money. A few days later, the check bounces, because it was fake from the start, obviously, and you're down whatever money you've send the scammer.

What's even worse is the piles of crap from people wanting you to put your ads on "this free networking site where you'll increase your traffic by ten fold!" If that were the case, then people would be using that site... Instead of Craig's List...

Several months ago, when I was beginning the whole personal training thing, I got the following email, in response to my personal training ad (posted in the "Therapeutic Services" section)...

SUBJECT: i need a therapeutic service urgently

I'm Ben hunn . i need a therapeutic service for me and my
sister. i have been away from home over 4 months, am in western Africa for some special project and am almostdone with it, so i need the required services above to be done, so if you are available to help, please mail me now. i am a man of 27 and my sister is 25 we live at the below
address ,

9205 Oxon Hill Rd, Fort Washington

but the job i am doing is a little bit stressful for Us and we
realise that we are not feeling so good in our whole body entirely, so thats why we want a therapeutic service for Us to be fit , if you want Us
to come and be receiving the treatment in your place noproblem , and if you do home service i will pay you an extra fee,but if you prefer we come to you no problem.
I will forward the Pictures of Our House to you in the next mail. I need your assistance and am Trusting you for this,cos its not that easy
to entrust someone i have not seen in person, but i believe we all know each other one day and this will favour you well, cos am a very easy going person and well understanding. Money is not a bareer My Boss want
to pay me off for the Project that i attend in Africa, so he's paying me with U.S Cashier Check/Money Orders, which can't be cashed in Africa.
If the payment(Check/Money Orders) is sent to you, so i want you the required amount for yourAdvance service charges, then send the rest fund
or sum to my Travelling Agent, cos its for my FlightTicket Fees to the
states As soon as possible, then keep the remaining balance for me
till i arrive to the states.
Note: money is not a bareer to me. i want you to know this before iving me your information ,
These are the areas we need message on

* Full Body Massage
* Stress Reduction
* Soft Relaxation
* Aromatherapy

1. Can you be doing this for me weekly.
2. How much will you charge me weekly.
3. Tell me the amount you want to charge weekly forget about the
distance for you to come to my place, i will pay you for that
4. I would like to pay you 1 month upfront before i arrive
5. How much will it be for a month.
6 How much do you charge per hour and how many hours can you work a
7. will you do this for me or my sister alone or both of us ?
8. Are you a Male Or a Female?
If you are interseted doing this for me, i need the following
Details(information) Below for an upfront payment till i arrive and if it is
not enough i will add more money to it:

FULL ADDRESS(street,city,state) :
i want you to do a perfect work in my House. As soon as
the information required from you is sentto me and the payment will be
issued and get to your contact address Asap coz it takes 3-4 business
days toget delivered Looking forward to hear from you.N.B......Plz
email me your referee;s information
Thanks my sister pics is attached pls take a look [emphasis added]

Ben hunn

For some reason, I decided to check the attachment... Holy shit, that was one of the fugliest people I'd ever seen...
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