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All right, I was having a seriously shitty time today... Until I got home from Costco with some vanilla ice cream, and...

... and...

... and...

... and....


Wow. I wish I had thought of that before. Nutella is a sugar-packed hazelnut/chocolate spread, and it tastes amazing on the ice cream. It has sort of the consistency of a thick chocolate pudding, but if you let it sit on the ice cream for a little while, it hardens up and forms a hard chocolate shell over it (sort of like the Smucker's chocolate syrup). This is a much sweeter alternative to almond butter, though I'd still pick the almond butter if I were looking for a creamier, fattier texture.

Nutella is 860 calories per dollar at Costco. Yes, I measure my cheat foods in calories per dollar!
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