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Default Muscle Catabolism After Workouts

I was wondering if I could get the opinion of some of the 'IF Gurus' here on the issue of not eating after a workout and your body breaking down and eating its own muscles. I donít think I really believe it, but Id like to hear some opinions (if for no reason other than to validate my thoughts).

Back when I did IF for the first time with paleo foods I lost a lot of weight, approximately 80 pounds, then I got lazy and complacent, quite both IF and paleo and gained it all back (epic fail). For the last few months Iíve been eating paleo/primal again, but with the eating every three hours. Iím ready do go back on IF again. I was thinking a 15-16 hour fast, 8 or 9PM through 12PM. Starting at 12, eat at least two big meals of meat, veggies, and healthy fats and 'graze' on berries/nuts all I want the rest of the time. On Saturday and Sunday, Ill eat Breakfast (if feeling it) and wont worry about fasting. Because of school, my workouts will be around 10 or so everyday, except for Friday, which will be around 4PM.

However, in these last few months, Iíve spent a lot of time over at t-nation, while I like a lot of it, thereís also a lot I donít like.

Iíve seen the opinions/beliefs over there on eating immediately after a workout, but Id like the opinions over here from an IF perspective.

My personal opinion: If you want to gain massive amounts of size where you need to consume over 3000 calories/day, like a majority of t-nation readers do, I can see the merit in eating non-stop, all day long. However, if you want to lose weight, achieve a low body fat level, and maintain muscle to achieve that lean, rugged, 'primal' look, I think IF (where I was never been able to consume much higher than 2000 calories/day, and that was on my heavy days) should work just fine. And yes, I know you can achieve the second with eating every three hours as well, but, in my opinion, if you can get the same benefit with less work and less stress (in terms of having to always be around food), why the hell not?
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