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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Hell, Jacob, I can't pick a 230# stone up off the ground (despite DL nearly 500#). What is the best resource--outside of training with a SM--on learning how to pick these things up?
grip it a rip Ortmayer says--you have to get a little crazy with stones.

there really isnt much to it, dig you fingers under, squeeze hard with forearms, pull into your lap, from here theres a few different ways..1-- bear hug and front squat it up, or 2--get arms "over" the stone and pop it up, kind of like a kbell swing motion...tacky helps big time...ill try and get some stone vids this sunday...probably wont be very impressive though, as dont hink ive done stones in 2 months, maybe longer

also--Derek is a beast...
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