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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
What Mike said.

TBH the whole anabolic/catabolic thing is overblown. People worry more about this stuff than actually WORKING HARD DURING WORKOUTS... which is what is going to make the most difference in performance and body composition (provided quality diet choices).

I worked with a Professional Bodybuilder as a personal trainer a few years ago, and while I can't go into everything, there is one key piece of nutrition advice that he shares with everyone interested.

And the big secret is...."Eat When Hungry". Figure out the nutrients your body needs in respect to Protein, Carbs, and Fat..and eat these ratios when hungry.(They change considering your goals).

you effectively stimulate your body through your workouts, it (your body) will let you know when it's ready to eat. After a few weeks of learning, you will know when your body is really hungry, and when you just think you are (This could be affected by numerous things such as hydration, boredom, etc).

For example, on my off days, I could go with only 2 meals sometimes. But on my leg workout days, I may eat 6-7 meals.

Now I am not quite sure how that would work with IF, but I'm sure it could be combined into an effective program.
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