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tom hurst
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Feeling real good today, finally think I have recovered from that nasty virus. Yesterday did ME upper, today ME lower.

ME upper
worked up to 3RM on incline bench 225x3
db floor press w/ 50lb db 37, 30 reps
a. seated rows 3x8
b. facepulls 3x12
a. front raises 2x10
b. shrugs 2x10
superset no rest at all
a. closegrip bench 15,8,6
b. alt curls 12,8,6

ME lower
worked up to 3RM on low box squat went way below parallel 245x3 legs still sore from tuesday.
knee high step ups w/ 135lb barbell 2x8, 1x6
pull throughs first time for these 3x10
weighted side bends 12,12,10 each side
back ext 1x8 weighted 45lb plate
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