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I've been IFing and on the Anabolic diet for the past 2 weeks. I started a food log but got lazy. For the first 5 days, I did the initiation phase, then I carb loaded on the weekend. I only did 5 days because I'm already fairly fat adapted. After the first 2-3 days, I didn't feel hungry at all. I was logging all my food on FitDay during those first 5 days. I started off eating about 2,500 calories for maintenance. I eventually started dropping off closer to 2,200 calories. It's hard to shove that many calories down while IFing and keeping carbs < 30 g. You can't even eat much nuts or avocados because of their carb content. To get in more calories, oftentimes I'd sip on some sesame oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil.

This week I started eating anywhere from 30-70 g of carbs per day. I stopped counting and measuring, because it's a pain in the arse. My carb threshhold is probably 30 g, but it's too much of a pain keeping it that low, so I aim for about no higher than 50-60 g a day. Even fish has a half gram of carbs for every gram of protein.

I've been IFing for a long time now, so I don't have any idea what effect combining it with the Anabolic Diet has. Last summer I was eating in this manner as well, but I probably ate closer to 100 - 150 g of carbs per day and I never did the initiation phase as I had not read the book at the time.

I've been monitoring my weight and body fat percentage:

1-30-9 140 lbs, 17.3% bodyfat

2-3-09 138 lbs, 16.6% bodyfat

2-4-09 137.6, 16.8% bodyfat

2-5-09 137.2, 16.6% bodyfat

weekend carb load

2-8-09 139.4, 16.4% bodyfat

2-10-09 139.2, 16.8% bodyfat

2-12-09 137.2, 16.2% bodyfat

2-13-09 138, 15.8% bodyfat

I was initially going to go through a mass gaining phase with this diet, but I have decided against it for now. I'm just eating as much as I feel like eating.
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