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Default D. Coaching vid SS - LBBS vs HBBS

I finally got some squat video for Digital Coaching. This is our lunch break workout. The client we are working at has a little workout room with several contraptions, but among them was a squat rack which was all we needed.

I wore these nike pants with a white stripe down the side because I thought it would make my squat depth easier to judge on camera but it actually made it worse. The pants were really baggy so while the line at the crease of my hip is accurate the line around my knee is actually sagging way below the top of my knee cap. I am pretty sure these are legit squats though, not necessarily ATG, but the crease in my hip is below the top of my patella.

This is the end of about a one month strength cycle during which I used the Starting Strength Low bar back squat method. From here on out I am focusing on pure O'Lifting and will only be using HBBS. The third set below was my attempt at HBBS.

Set 1, 5 x 360lbs using Starting Strength Low bar technique

Set 2, 5 x 360lbs using SS LBBS

Set 3, 5 x 315lbs using High bar Positioning - These do not at all look like the pictures I have seen of HBBS on the CA WOD homepage. I'd appreciate any advice on these. Maybe it was just because I was doing them after the above LBBS that my body couldn't make the adjustment.
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