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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
I want to clarify my earlier statement and point out where I disagree with some other posts. I do think the last set of squats was deep enough.. and none of them were what I'd consider egregious or "cheating". all of these looked to be solid efforts near your 5RM and that's pretty good. There is a reason why you have 3 judges in competition..... everyone shaves depth at some point on a limit level squat.

ATG. ...I don't intend to be a prick but this "ATG" thing must die. "ass to ground" is only significant to anonymous youtube posters, regulars and the WOD mainpage comments..... there is pretty deep and deep enough to suit your purposes, you were not on target for the first, but maybe only a wee little dip away from the second.....if you are pushing your squat for it's own sake, there is much to be gained by not holding yourself to absolute squat perfection...perfect is the enemy of good...Frankly, I see some things in your squat that plague me, lack of hip flexibility to really open up on the low bar style is taking about 30-40 pounds away from you. . ...a little hip work and wider stance would benefit me as well.

As for spotting, if your spotter is experienced, a back spot is totally legit, especially at those weights which were challenging but not grinders by any stretch. I don't care what Rip says many many PL gyms have of people spotting thsi way. it's not ideal but it's better than no spotter. I spotted a guy this morning who was squatting to a box with 405 on the bar and 250 pounds of band tension. For him that's warm up weight but gives you a lot of confidence when someone has your back.

if you are good at bailing out of a squat forward, bumpers are nice and pins are better but I'd take a spotter over both any day of the week. A little motivation and being ready to take 5-50 pounds off the bar when needed is nice. Also, your spotter should be commended for his impeccable squat shoe style, squatting in loafers is sooo diesel
For general strength development, there's no reason to have to go to full depth in the Olympic squat. I'm just assuming that Brian wants to use the squat as an assistance exercise for his OL.
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