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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
ATG. ...I don't intend to be a prick but this "ATG" thing must die. "ass to ground" is only significant to anonymous youtube posters, regulars and the WOD mainpage comments..... there is pretty deep and deep enough to suit your purposes, you were not on target for the first, but maybe only a wee little dip away from the second.....if you are pushing your squat for it's own sake, there is much to be gained by not holding yourself to absolute squat perfection...perfect is the enemy of good...Frankly, I see some things in your squat that plague me, lack of hip flexibility to really open up on the low bar style is taking about 30-40 pounds away from you. . ...a little hip work and wider stance would benefit me as well.
I agree 100% on a BS. I disagree 100% on a C&J or snatch.
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