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This response is for my buddy Robert. See general response to all other contributors below this one. But I did have a little humor below regarding "spotting".

Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
Strong effort. Stance for the Low bar definitely needs to be wider. Maybe an inch or two out for each foot. And the toes need to be pointed out more so you can really shove those knees out and get the adductors involved. Other than that though they look pretty solid.
Thanks for feedback Robert.

Only reason I wouldn't want to try a wider stance is because right now I only have two foot positions, pulling and recieving. Pulling = feet under hips, Recieving (squatting) = feet at shoulder width. I had a problem for the longest time of recieving the clean and snatch in too wide of a position so I definitly don't want to do anything to exagerate that problem.

That being said, next time I do SS LBBS I may play around with widening my stance. That could be a little while though because I am packing that particular style of squats away in my tool chest for a few months so I can strictly focus all my training around O'Lifting support.

Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
Tell your spotter friend to get out of their though.
That is my buddy I was telling you about who I am trying to reverse his bodybuilding brainwashed mind. He comes from the kind of gym where they help each other out on the last rep and second to last rep on every exercise. You know, stand there and help each other curl and stuff.

Last time we worked out I had to tell him to sit on a bench like 10 feet away from me so he wouldn't touch me during squats. Personally, I am of the school of thought if a spotter places his hand on the bar it automatically doesn't count. He got pissed at me cause he was squatting and I didn't help him up with 185lbs. I just let him drop it on the pins. But he can bench a grip. Here he is benching 315lbs x 4
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