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Default Great Feedback Guys!!

I appreciate all the feedback!!

Regarding Depth: You guys are talking about depth quite a bit. I realize I am not getting the ATG squats but is there any question that those are legitimate squats?? As in, crease in hip drops to below parallel with top of Patella. That was all I was shooting for on LBBS. I am purely focused on STRENGTH for those sets.

I need you guys to keep me honest not just stroke my ego like my buddies I was working out with...hahaha...j/k Nate and Tony if you read this.

Regarding squat style I am going to try to get some footage of a pure HBBS workout this week. I think I can do better if I warmup and re-set my brain and nervous system to think HBBS. I think because I did that last set for video purposes after several warmup and work sets of SS LBBS, my brain couldn't make the adjustment to HBBS. That is why my butt was still going out backwards instead of sitting straight down.

For my HBBS from now on, I am definitly shooting for full ROM, ATG, sitting my butt on Ankles squats from now on. I'll cut the weight drastically if I have to. My only worry is I believe when I attempt to get real deep, I sometimes just let go of all tension in the bottom which wreaks havoc on my hip flexors. Which leads to my last question below.

Regarding Hip Flexors: Do any of you all see anything in there that would clue you in on why my hip flexors are constantly sore....I think they have been better over the last couple weeks. but they still get sore quite a bit even when my quads and everything else is recovered.
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