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Originally Posted by glennpendlay View Post
I also think that your hip flexor pain might go away a bit if you learn to utilize the stretch reflex a little more in the bottom. But really, nice squats.
Hey Glenn, What about the Shoes?? So any advice on utilizing the Stretch Reflex??

FWIW, I don't know if you have been following all the threads we have had going on this forum related to HBBS vs. LBBS, but I am changing over to HBBS from now on. I want to start getting in that nice deep upright torso position I always see pictures of on the CA WOD.

Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
I take spotting kind of seriously.
If you are purely doing sets across of 5 reps and your spotter touches that bar then to me that is the equivalent of a missed rep. Just like if you missed a snatch or C&J.

I should have qualified my HSO on "spotting" by saying that spotting is definitly a must for bench. Also, if you are specifically doing a workout that requires a spotter. For example, you intend to complete 5 reps of Bench plus 2 assisted reps.

But as strong as my buddy Tony is, you really think he would have been much help getting 360lbs off of me if I blew out a knee or a quad or something.
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