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Default Squat Stance Width

To all contributors:
Robert and Dave both think I could go a little wider for the LBBS. I value Robert's opinion on LBBS because I know he has been to Rip's Seminar before and has been around Crossfit for a while.

My thoughts are this wider stance would be most beneficial with the LBBS and I should stick with my shoulder width stance for Olympic lifting purposes. On the other hand, should I try kicking out my stance a little bit on HBBS and Front squats to see if that helps my hip flexor problems.

Here are the relevant post:
Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
Stance for the Low bar definitely needs to be wider.
Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
...lack of hip flexibility to really open up on the low bar style is taking about 30-40 pounds away from you. . ...a little hip work and wider stance would benefit me as well.
Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Only reason I wouldn't want to try a wider stance is because right now I only have two foot positions, pulling and recieving. Pulling = feet under hips, Recieving (squatting) = feet at shoulder width. I had a problem for the longest time of recieving the clean and snatch in too wide of a position so I definitly don't want to do anything to exagerate that problem.
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