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Shrug the shoulders up in my opinion on the way back similar to how you take it over. That helps it clear the shoulder.

As for theraband, as much as I liked using it for shoulder dislocates/inlocates, the stuff snaps and breaks way too often. I've snapped literally at least a dozen pieces. Bungee cords are strong. Jump ropes have just a bit of give.

I've had my boys working the wall slides/extensions for awhile and MuscleMan has a lot of problem with these. We add a static hold at the top of the ROM. I recently found a pair of small DB at the gym so I having him add cuban presses to his post workout stretching followed by wall slides and cat stretch. He is already very flexible ( in fact that is the only ROM he has flexibility in ) in skin the cat stretch/shoulder flexion/extension ( sit on butt, hands behind oneself and extend out and away as much as possible ).
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