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Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
Interesting article. My chiropractor told me to stop doing all of my favorite core exercises (situps, V-ups, leg lifts, lying hip swings, stiff-legged deadlifts, windshield wipers, etc.) and replaced them with dumb exercises... He hasn't told me not to squat or push press though! He did say no GHD situps or reverse hypers, but I'm not convinced...wouldn't you want to build more back strength? I decided to ease up on them for now, but not forever.

True to the article, he also told me prolonged sitting is out. I'm supposed to walk around every half hour. That's not really realistic at work, but I can certainly stand up every half hour.

My new Nike Frees are amazing. I don't think I've ever spent $85 on shoes before, but these are totally worth it.

Jeremy, I hope your back heals quick!!
I've been trying to do some of the things they recommend in the article to "decompress" the spine. I haven't stopped all my exercises such as deadlifting, squatting...etc I'll wait until I finish my current program and try something that has little direct spinal loading.

All exercise helps your back feel better? Still doing a lot of exercises that compress the spine?
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