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Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
Main thing you're probably going to be worried about here is back arch. Losing it is pretty much equal to "collapse."
Losing my back arch is not so much a concern with me. Check out that activating TA thread I started. I have been more concerned lately with hyper-extension causing unnecessary soreness or tightness in my low back.

This quote below is great! I'll have to print and review before my next set of squats.
Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
Think of it as a compression of power, almost pushing yourself into the floor and gathering up all the energy that you possibly can for a monumental and totally righteous standing action. Let your desire for great justice burn in your heart and the moment the deceitful barbell thinks it has won by pushing your thighs into your calves and burying you alive amongst the shrieks and agony of failure, show him the mighty strength of your spine which never fell to the assault. Organize every muscle in your body to follow the example of your spine and STAND! Defeat the weight! Do not allow your rear to sink back and towards the floor. Do not allow the charismatic leader of your muscular brigade to fall, letting the standard of your army, your own inspiring visage, to bow down and taste the cold, unforgiving dirt. Gather all your power and give hope to the poor people of this world. Chest held up high, you must turn the tables on your enemy and march forward (up in this case) no matter what.

Go forth! Conquer! Win.

So, was that inspiring or what? You're totally psyched now and have the right imagery to boot! So what are you waiting for? Go forth and show your awesomely magnificent devotion to Justice!
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