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470 CFT would put you in the advanced category according to Rip, so that's very good. Yeah, the smaller CF gals are pushing some insane numbers but compared to most CF gals you are probably crushing them...and pressing them.

Most of the CF elite gals are pushing about mid 500s to 600 besides Gillian and Tamara ( who are roughly your size ).

Play with numbers and compare your CFT to where it would be at 3-5rm instead of 1rm. Big difference methinks. Gillian and Tamara are like tigers compared to the other smaller CF elite gals who are more like leopards.

Only way to really know whether it's muscle gain or fat gain to settle it would be a BodPod or DEXA scan. However, you could calculate how much stronger you are by that 3-5rm in place of the extra 9 pounds.

Do you do as much as metcon while adding more of the strength work or have you ditched the metcon stuff?
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