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All right, I'm actually a fan of Samuel Hahnemann and Dr. Jacque Benveniste, but this is my peace offering to Brad. This is an e-mail a really cute mathemetician I met in Oxford sent me debunking the use of homeopathic remedies... This is an e-mail from 2001-I guess that means I've been having the same argument for five years! He definitely won this one...even though you don't dilute homeopathics in water. IIRC he was thinking of flower essences.


EVERY SINGLE drop of water on the planet already contains a HIGHER
concentration of all these things than in a homeopathic remedy so you CAN'T
dilute it down to 30C because you're diluting with water which is already more
concentrated than this.

On examining the numbers I realized that a mixture of say 30C is so diluted
that all I have to do is put a 1 litre of the original mixture in the sea and
then 10^60 litres of the earths water are at the correct concentration.

Enough to accidentally heal everyone... or is it?

Well, unfortunately we don't know the volume of the sea, but we do know the
radius of the earth though, it's roughly 6,400km. so, the surface area of the
earth is pi*r(squared)= 3.14*6400*6400 this is in kilometres squared though. for metres squared it's 3.14 * 6400 * 6400 * 1000 * 1000= 128614400000000 = 1.28 *10^14.

3/4 of the earths surface is covered in water it's roughly, on average say, around 2 kilometres deep. You will see that the exact depth is utterly irrelevant.

suppose it's 2km then we have a volume of 1.28*10^14 * 2 *1000
(converting to metres again)= 2.56*10^17. This is cubic metres of
water, there are 1,000 litres of water in a cubic metre so, in fact,
the total volume of the sea's water is only 2.56*10^40.

That means that if after I drop this litre of water into the sea we still need
to do a dilution of 20C to get it to homeopathic dilution!1 litre in all of the
worlds water is only 10C.

SO how can we expect to every STOP taking homepathic remedies that are too strong? Every time we dilute the remedy it's in water which has got a HIGHER concentration of the level of solution we are aiming at.
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