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Blair- thanks for the words. Did not know Coach Rip's categories! And, yes- I'd ike to think I am more like the leopards!

My metcon these days is pretty much just from daily WODs. I am 5d/wk, with an occasional Sat WOD. Back in the Fall, I was doing some cyclic running (first week, 2mi; second week, 3mi; 3rd, 4mi; etc. up to 6mi/wk) as well as additional bw work ON TOP OF WODs. Pushing overtraining; insulin and cortisol levels were up. This was bringing me into Dec 08, when my trainer and I decided to reel it back in to only daily WODs- period. (more rest during the holidays.) As of the New Year, a few of us (Crossfit Ft. Myers, by the way- check us out) have started adding in more lifting, in addition to our daily WODs which now also have more emphasis on weights...all in an effort to get stronger. So, to answer, not near as much metcon since I've been told it interferes with strength I 'get' that the weight gain is from all of these things in combo...I know that if I start running again, I'll lean out fast, I just don't want to undo any gains in strength just yet....but am so tempted! (sick, I know)
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